The Highguard Free Council

The Free Company of Highguard was formed by a band of adventurers who began to see a bigger picture for themselves in the turbulent times in which they lived. Looting abandoned lairs and caves was profitable, but somewhat tedious in that it required endless hours slaughtering creatures for their loot… perhaps even unsettling because (and this was also discussed in social movements of the time) how different was it from walking into another human’s home and murdering them for their savings? They were dirty and evil creatures, but still…

A living could be made performing tasks for governments and wealthy individuals instead. There were always small (and large) jobs for skilled swordsmen and magical types that couldn’t be handled well by a standing army or constabulary. That night, ten years ago in the The Third Teat, Terrance of Wolworth, Bad Ladle John, Dofton “Doffy” Morris and Leon of Horseheads made a pact and started a business venture as The Free Company- a clearinghouse for skilled and trustworthy adventurers to be sourced.

Many adventures had been started this way- retrieval of important objects, suppression of bandit cabals and smuggling rings, even the tactical suppression of encroaching Orc encampments. These were accomplishments to be proud of, and the members of the Free Company quickly earned a reputation for being trustworthy, efficient and skilled adventurers available for difficult tasks when they arose.

The last few years have been slower for the Company though: The area around Highguard has been enjoying a welcome period of relative peace- Good for all except for a business concern that (frankly) thrives off of minor unrest.

The founding members still take part in the tasks they take on, helping to ensure successful outcomes. In the few years that they’ve been in existence, they’ve realized a high success rate. This, in combination with a good business ethic have earned themselves a good reputation in Highguard and the surrounding areas.

The Highguard Free Council

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