Donny Boy


Donny was born and raised in Highguard.

His dad was in the Constabulary, and he always wanted to work with his father patrolling the streets. As a youth, he trained with the sword and shield with his Dad, and became far more than competent with both. Donny shared the same name as his father….and was always referred to as Donny the Boy by his father’s fellow guards while he would spar with anyone who would accept his challenge. Eventually, this was shortened to Donny Boy, which is what he goes by now.

Donny got into fights with kids on the streets all the time, and has since taken that fighting to the local taverns where he sometimes participates in the random brawls that come up from time to time.

Donny Boy did attend school (with occasional absences) and learned a lot about the city and the kingdom from the guards and the frequent travelers he came into contact with through his father (he knows the basics that are provided in the Corolis-pedia). Donny also learned the ways of the streets by hanging out with his father’s fellow guards.

When he was younger, Donny would go out of the city and swim in the local pond, fish and use his sling to hunt rabbits. This extra food wasn’t needed for his family (Mom, Dad, and younger sister), because Donny Sr’s income was enough to support them, but it was appreciated. Donny has always felt close to his family and saw from an early age how important it was to his father to support everyone – this is a trait that he slowly picked up and started to emulate.

One day, six months ago, Donny Sr was assisting in a pursuit of a suspected strong-armed thief, when he fell from a 3 story roof and died instantly on impact. The circumstances around his fall are quite suspicious, and no one will talk about the details of his fall – not his fellow guards or his superior officers. To make matters worse it was determined that Donny Sr’s death occurred because he was taking unnecessary risks, and now his family is ineligible to receive his pension. Donny Boy doesn’t believe any of this, and thinks that the City has fabricated this story just so that they don’t have to pay his family.

Donny Boy’s family has moved out of their home into a much smaller and cheaper one. His mother bakes meat-pies and sells them in the local market, but that is just barely enough to keep the family going, which isn’t good enough for Donny Boy.

Donny Sr owned his own sword, shield, and armor, so Donny Boy has taken it upon himself to use his skills with his father’s equipment and try his luck as a sell-sword to help support his mother and sister.

Donny Boy

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