The Kingdom of Corolis

Corolis is an immensely prosperous kingdom on the western coast of the continent of Shern. Its borders are formed by the natural barriers of the Thirty Witches mountain range on the east, the Dry Mountains to the south, the Plodding River to the north, the Sunsend Sea to the west and Eric’s Stand to the northwest.

Much of Corolis’ wealth comes from the large swaths of fertile land that sits in the large flat valley that runs north to south along the entire length of the kingdom. Though generally known to all as the sea of wheat, it actually produces all manner of crops- this bounty is compounded by year-round mild weather, allowing the lands to be worked continuously and providing the kingdom with a healthy surplus for trade.

On top of farming, Corolis has a healthy lumber industry and several mining operations .

Corolis also enjoys the benefits of controlling a large portion of the Great Central Road- the primary North-South trade route between the Five Right Coastal Kingdoms… and most importantly Highgard- the western terminus of the Southern Merchant Road and hub of trade between the mysterious lands to the Southeast, and the Five Right Coastal Kingdoms.

The Capital of Corolis is Yelen.

The Kingdom of Corolis

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