Codex Magister Ludus- The GM's Mission Statement

The GM explains himself:

I run a ‘realistic’ fantasy campaign, meaning that a PC’s life is a fairly fragile thing. GURPS combat rules reflect this state of being fairly well…

I like the idea that mortality breeds creativity. Human beings, throughout history, have relied on their brains to survive. In the beginning, planning, stealth and teamwork brought down bison much more reliably than the brawiniest jackass with a spear could hope to do so on his own.

I’ve been in too many campaigns where I’ve wanted to play a character that has his limitations to overcome, but I’m surrounded by overly capable and broadly talented characters that are designed to stroll through whatever situation is handed to them. Combine this with a GM that coddles his players at every turn and you’ve got a game that’s not much fun to show up to.

This is my attempt, as a fairly inexperienced GM, to put together a game that poses challenges to the characters that a sword and a salvo of spells can’t necessarily solve easily.

I’m also interested in seeing how characters develop as a result of the adventures they find themselves in, and survive through. For this reason, my initial call for players was for low level characters. The overriding arc of the campaign should show the development of the characters from spring green youths with a twinkle in their eye to grizzled veterans with a collection of scars and stories to go along with them.

Character Setup:

An initial allowance of 75 character points was used to make starting characters. Based on the quality and substance of the origin story the players provided to me, I awarded additional character points or skills to help round out or more fully realize the character described. Disadvantages were limited to 30 points.

According to the GURPS rulebook, 50 points is an ordinary person. In making my own NPCs following a strict 75 points, I’d say that you’d find very few functional people sporting only 50 CPs.

Character Development:

Character points (experience points) are given out at the end of an adventure. I may award points allocated toward specific skills during a campaign, but free-to-use CPs are for development outside of the game or during long voyages in-game.

House Rules:
None to speak of, so far.

Codex Magister Ludus- The GM's Mission Statement

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