Reid Carradock

Aging Hero of the Orc Incursions


When the Orc Incursions began, Reid was a hunter and trapper operating in the forests outside of Rabbit Run. Although his home was several hundreds of miles away from the areas being overrun by the orcs, he realized that unless the orcs were dealt a definitive blow, the five kingdoms would be harried without end and human culture would devolve into opportunistic chaos.

Rallying his fellow trappers and hunters to the cause, Reid began a series of systematic sorties into the Thirty Witches to scout out Orc strongholds and then execute all-out raids on them.

With his successes, his contingency grew into a large force of fighters from all the five kingdoms. While the Armies of the Five played defense against the incoming Orcs, Reid’s expeditions were working behind enemy lines to stem the influx. Many people saw his approach as being more effective than army tactics and sought to serve in his force. Additionally, many fighters in the standing armies abandoned their posts to serve with Reid.

Reid Carradock

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