The Western Lands

5- Breaking Away

Had a discussion about next steps…split the group into two…1 group takes the captured ants and the cage back to the employers. Get another cage if possible. The other group relocates the “capture camp” further north along the ant trail and closer to the “employer camp”.

Tig designed a system to dig a hole, put the cage into, and set up a rail system to be able to pull the cages out of the holes with horses.

The rangers returned from scouting and did not have any new information.

Betaya talked to Tig about the children. Shouldn’t we be concerned about them?

Frank used his naturalist skill to determine where the pheromones come from in ant body.

Lots of discussion to determine what should happen next.

Tig, Frank, Donny, and Betaya decide that they are going to go find the kids. Melissa sends out her “bird” and it comes back after spotting some goblins and hobgoblins to the east.

Melissa tells the group that if you do leave the group, you will forfeit any earnings from catching the ants….so they decide to leave at night.

The second group comes back with 2 empty cages after having dropped off the captured ants with the employers.

During the first watch of the night, the group of 5 sneaks off. Frank pushes to try to create a potion from the pheromones of an ant, but the group overrides and decides to walk around the tarpits instead.

They head off to the east to try to find them. After passing the tar pits, Betaya is hit by a dart and more continue to whizz through the air. Tig took a hit as well…Donny urged the group to run away….Betayah and Donny started to run away…along with Tig. Then Frank got hit as well.

The group ran for cover in a group of trees. Donny spotted a larger figure walking near the base of the hill. Without any further events…the group ran around the west side of the hill, occasionally spotting figures near the base of it. Donny sensed something wasn’t quite right and called to the group to gather up and not separate from each other.

A dart whizzed by the group’s head and at the base of a different hill, they came upon a huge humanoid with a spiked club. Tig fired at it, but missed, while Oedustov, Donny, and Frank ran up to confront it.
Frank created fire then manipulated it next to Donny to light up the area. The creature stepped up to engage Oedustov so Frank threw the fire into his face to try to blind him. Oedustov swung his sword and missed so poorly that he cut his own arm. Donny stepped up and attacked but barely fazed him by his swing. Tig grapples briefly, and Oedustov made a strong hit followed by Donny’s thrust. This was enough to bring down the creature.

Unfortunately, a second beast engaged from the north and attacked Frank. The rest of the group turned to engage once the first was felled. The creature made a wild swing, missed, and fell to the ground with Tig on his back.

The group attacked the creature on the ground, and it was beaten to a pulp.

Donny was so exhausted from the combat that he fell to the ground.


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